First edition

MADRID EDUCACIENCIA FILM FESTIVAL is delighted to receive educational films created by students and teachers, according to their academic level, that will inspire other students around the world and will awaken their creative and proactive potential.

Technology is an essential science for all students to become great professionals in the future.

The development of computational thinking, the incorporation of digital technologies in learning processes, the interdisciplinary nature of technology, its contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and its connection with the real world make technology and knowledge of the digital environment have a relevant role in our days.

The relevance of digital culture in today’s society makes it important to develop great digital skills for everyday interpersonal interactions. Knowing how to properly use technology is essential in today’s society.

Technology is also vital for Special Education Students and people with disabilities to have an easier life.

MADRID EDUCACIENCIA FILM FESTIVAL opens the door to every student in the word to show how things work and why through their films

Robotics in education at all levels is no longer a challenge but a necessity.

The current and future demand of our labor market in the R&D sector make Education in Science and Technology applied to Robotics, for a few years, a priority objective in European administrations and society.

This need has been reflected at all educational levels and is already present from Primary Education to University.

Educational Robotics and programming from an early age, not as an end but as a tool, are two very important pieces in turning our students into potential technological creators.

From artificial intelligence, home robotics, applications in education, industry, medicine, and other areas of our environment, Robotics has become the protagonist and it is a learning tool that is increasingly present at all educational levels of application and content.

The Robotics is increasingly implanted in the Educational Centers, even at early ages, THE MADRID EDUCACIENCIA FILM FESTIVAL is a window for the centers to show us, through the films created by students, their proposals, achievements and teachings in this sense.

Science that studies living beings, their characteristics and behaviors, the mechanisms for survival of individuals and species, and their interactions with each other and with the environment. It is the study of life itself, with a range of scales ranging from cells and their components to large populations.

Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and, to some extent, Genetics, Physiology, Anatomy and Histology, Developmental Biology, Genetics.

The behavior of groups of animals (Ethology), Cultural Anthropology studies through multiple scales, in reference to lineages, relationship and descent, classification of species, until the study of possible life outside the Earth are branches of Biology.

A whole exciting world that students, from their simplest subjects in Primary to University students we want to make room in MADRID EDUCACIENCIA FILM FESTIVAL to the contents of Biology, And more now with the fight against Climate Change and the challenge of creating a Sustainable Planet.

Although all sciences are united and often the boundary between one and the other is not known, we have wanted to make a special content focused on space.

The fascination with the mysteries that exist in the cosmos, in a world full of stars, satellites, planets, galaxies, nebulae… is universal. A whole world to discover.

The science of space, of time, of how they interact with each other and with the subject matter are educational content appealing to students and we are sure that they will be eager to share their knowledge with other students through their small films.

Educational subjects such as the origin of planets beyond time, gravity, black holes, dark matter, life on other planets… content to be discovered and that will make the fantasy of the students work.

MADRID EDUCACIENCIA FILM FESTIVAL wants students to become intergalactic explorers and show us how the world beyond our planet works. They will become true astronauts of the known and unknown.

Students have interesting topics around Physics, each content will be treated according to the level of the students.

Principle of thermodynamics, entropy, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum physics, kinematics of motions, potential energy, kinetic energy, nuclear physics, relativity, electronics, optics, everyday physics, quantum field theory, and particles… These are some of the many interesting topics that Physics encompasses. Some contents to see the world from another prism.

Elementary and Secondary students will be able to address these issues according to their level, obviously. For Primary students, its contents will be based on Natural Sciences. That is, his films will be focused on the contents of Knowledge of the Environment related to the Sciences of Nature.

It’s all chemistry. Our life, nature, the planet is chemical. Chemistry drives our world today and will be critical to enabling a cleaner, more connected future.

From the food we consume, product of complex chemical reactions, through photosynthesis in plants, water, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, flavors and colors, the manufacture of clothing, chemistry in appliances, detergents and soaps, household and personal hygiene, pharmaceuticals, in the fight against diseases and in the improvement of the quality of life until very advanced ages.

In short, chemistry allows us to advance, it is an active and constantly growing science whose importance is vital in our world.

MADRID EDUCACIENCIA FILM FESTIVAL wants to encourage younger generations to adopt and reimagine what chemistry can do to meet the needs of a world that demands more and more, all together with the challenge of balance and respect for the Environment and Society.

For Primary students, its contents will be based on Natural Sciences. That is, his films will be focused on the contents of Knowledge of the Environment related to the Sciences of Nature related to chemistry.

Students will create their films about the composition, structure, dynamics and history of the Earth, including its natural resources (energy, minerals, water…), as well as the processes that affect its surface and, therefore, the environment.

The “Geology” block is formed by the knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the identification of rocks and minerals in the environment and the study of the internal structure of the Earth, as well as by the knowledge related to plate tectonics and the relationship of internal and external geological processes with natural hazards and the principles of study of terrestrial history.

Geology is much more than the simple contemplation of a rock, mineral, fossil, or landscape, nor the study of great natural disasters.  It goes much further. It is a basic and fundamental science to meet the needs of society. Its impact on our lives is direct and absolute.

Our society is currently facing unprecedented challenges. We need to respond to the needs of an increasingly populated planet that, at the same time, aspires to increase its standard of living. And, all this, without forgetting sustainability. To meet this challenge is to have a qualified workforce, made up of Geology professionals with a solid training, prepared to manage the responses that our planet can offer to the needs of Humanity.

Incorporating this content to MADRID EDUCACIENCIA FILM FESTIVAL is the challenge of being prepared to give answers that our planet offers and that Humanity demands.

All from a Sustainable balance for the Environment.

Our Festival supports the inclusion in society of all disabled people, in addition to showing with films made by students and teachers that there can be a better world thanks to education, promoting values such as respect, equity, tolerance, responsibility, honesty and all those actions that serve for sociability and the creation of a more just and respectful society between people and their relationship with the environment.

Access to everyone to education, health services, job opportunities, housing, security, etc. within a society; regardless of origin, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, intellectual capacity, gender, financial situation… It is everyone’s duty.

For social inclusion to exist, an understanding of the benefits it entails and a deep respect for all individuals in a society is necessary. Vulnerable people, like disabled people, will not be vulnerable if there is a commitment from everyone, without that commitment, we are all vulnerable.

For this award and the submission of the films, in addition to the Educational Centers, teachers and students of legal age of any center, the Occupational Disability Centers, foundations or any educational organization that helps disabled people and the integration and inclusion of the most disadvantaged may be part of Madrid Educaciencia Film Festival. Perpetrators may also be disabled adults.

Madrid Educaciencia Film Festival wants all people to participate in the same areas, because all people live together, develop together, make decisions and share. It’s time to learn everything with everyone.