About us

Madrid EducaCiencia Film Festival is an Online Educational Festival where films are created by teachers and students from educational centers, and their content is intended to serve as pedagogical material. It’s a festival where young people can share knowledge through their creations, which can be used at an academic level. The films cover a wide range of topics: physics, mathematics, history, philosophy, biology, as well as social content such as the environment, inclusion, gender diversity, and many others.

MECFilmFestival is an international competition open to public, private, and charter schools, as well as primary and secondary education, vocational training centers, universities, and entities that promote inclusive and social education. All these institutions have educational subjects to share in their films, making learning engaging and entertaining.

Above all, we promote diversity and inclusive teaching in classrooms, led by their protagonists, to contribute to the transformation of the educational and social model. We aim to create a large educational community where teachers and students have a leading and active role in the formative process, serving as a voice to reach all of society.